Sunday, May 4, 2008

Honoring the dead and their guardian statues in Milano

When in Milan, Italy, weather you have a month, a week or just 24 hours, there is one place that is worth the visit above all the other places in town.
Cimitero Monumentale.
Traditionally it is were all the important and rich Milanese families were buried, and since we are in Italy of course nothing is done without a certain dose of style.
In Cimitero Monumentale the dead simply buried underground with their names carved in a rather sad stone is not an option. They are all honored with small castles, amazing statues and sculptures, with an oasis of flowers and lush trees casting their mysterious shadows around.
The catacombs, where the cremated are resting for all eternity, offer a tad more spooky light over the whole scene, but I hope the photo-gallery underneath will be able to capture some of the magnificent and a tad melancholic essence of this amazingly peaceful place.

The photographer in action.

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