Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New York, a page form my petite black book

I went on a mini break to New York for some weeks ago, and came across some truly great places to dine and shop thanks to my fashion designer friend... Mr Butler.
Here are some of the must visit places form my petite black book:

If you feel like Pizza, this is the place. It has a great Italian family run pizzeria style interior, and you are most likely not the only one to ask for a table, so call ahead.

32 Spring street
New York City 10012

Then... on a full stomack you want to get a haircut at a fantastic barber, trim the beard and pick out a perfect handmade suit from the hidden pearl of a mens store:

8 Riverton East store front
New York
NY 10002

Ahhh, and then you have to swing by the restaurant at the back of this alley to reserve a dinner-table for 2 for a one of a kind experience later that night. They dont take reservations via phone, this is a place where personal engagement is appreciated:)
Have their triple cheese macaroni and dine in fromage heaven.

at the end of Freeman Alley, Rivington between The Bowery and Chrystie
New York

To kill time between barbershop and dinner at night.... head to the Met and soak up on some great art, drink a latté in Central Park while reading up on current global events, swing by the Apple store on 59th, and if you are lucky there will be a classical concert at the Gershwin hotel that is something not to be missed.

Thats it for now!

One more thing though.... if the Met feels to daunting to swing by in one afternoon, go to a petite and original contemporary, tribal and aboriginal art gallery that is a favorite of mine:

24 Spring street
NY 10012

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