Saturday, November 24, 2007

Art and fashion in Madrid

Madrid is a sleeping beauty who has a sultry swing when she walks. She offers a classy retreat for anyone who wants to spend a weekend strolling her streets and lounging around in the Art museums and numerous galleries that makes up this calm and relaxing city. And even though she is like a middle aged woman, her Chueca district is vibrantly alive with new fashion designers opening up intimate and intriguing shops, independent art galleries showing the newest from local artists and candylike shoe stores popping up like rainbow colored lollipops. She is a well establish big city but acts more like a pleasant village yet where the world has added it’s cosmopolitan flare.

I first visited Madrid this past October with a Art dealer friend of mine. We spent 5 surprisingly relaxing days discovering the whereabouts of the city’s hidden treasures.
I will post a page from my "little black book" with addresses to the sweetest discoveries I made from restaurants, art galleries, clothing and shoe stores, to accommodation with soul and where to lay down on a bench and daydream for a while.

Even though I felt completely worn out before departing my homeland for this little getaway, I came to feel invigorated by my stay in Madrid. Not many big cities can claim to reenergize a young girl when all she really would like to do is check in at a spa in the jungle of Amazon to fall asleep to the sounds of the night. But Madrid was up to the task. In fact I liked it so much 15 members of my closest family will head down early December for a little Christmas vacation. Since 8 of the member are classified as kids, there will probably be a new take on Madrid coming up where I will tell you more about what this city has to offer... when it comes to family travel

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