Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My favorite clothing store in Madrid

BENNY ROOM is by far the absolute cutest clothing store in Madrid. It opened just over a year ago, and the two girls that run it truly have an eye for details. The store is located in the chic Chueca fashion district just opposite of an old church which you may want to pay a visit after a good shopping spree in this heavenly store.
Visually the store is like candy to the eye and here not only do you find pearls like; Pringle of Scotland, Eley Kishimoto, Minnetonka shoes, worn by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, Cacharel, but you also have really amazing clothes from Olga de Polga, Jeans by Rich and Skinny and shoes by Fred Perry,
A true girly store yet sophisticated enough to make you feel like a woman.

The soft knitwear from Pringle of Scotland has such a luxuriously feel to it! You will love it!
Even if you do not make it to Madrid you should check out to find a store near you that offers their exquisite clothes.
BENNY ROOM has not yet an official web page, but I will post it on here as soon as they get it.


  1. I am so excited you have a blog!

    And now I wish I would have met up with you two in Madrid. Did your art dealer friend tell you I tried but you were already gone? I was confused with the dates. I'll have to check out these shops (and would like to know some good restaurants you liked) when I go to Madrid next (January).

  2. Hi!!
    I will mail you some restaurants that you should check out.
    Counting the days till I leave, so excited. See you on the 18th:)

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