Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A petite tribute to my Mother

There are certain things in life I cannot live without. 
They are vital to my existence, and is the sole reason that my heart keeps beating.
My Mother.
She makes everything more beautiful around her and brightens even the grayest of days. 
When it rains she will put on her Norwegian rubber-boots and go into the garden. She smiles as the rain drips from her nose and waves at me as I stand watching her through the window. 
On a sunny day you will find her stretching out her legs at the top of a tree while reading a book. 
On a mere Wednesday she will stop the car, open her purse and take out a Troika (Norwegian chocolate) and make it a little treat in the middle of the week. And the way she does it makes you feel like its the most special of things to do on a "nothing" day like Wednesday. 
She is the only woman I know that can dressed up in a bottle green ball-gown, glide through the hallway and into the kitchen on roller blades and crown her husband with a viking helmet on his 60th birthday and still look graceful!
She can, like magic, cook a dinner fit for a King on any given day, as dad calls to say he will be home in 2o min with 10 business men.
The world may come tumbling down, but with just one touch from her gentle hands it all seems like nothing you cannot overcome.
She will patiently make me the prom dress of my dreams even when I act like a brat.
At night she will sit by my bed and sing me into dream land as she plays the guitar.
No matter what happens in life she stands tall, supporting her husband and her family regardless of the storm that might rage.
She is the one woman that inspires me the most.
I am her biggest fan, and my admiration for her is more than words can describe.
 I hope and pray that one day I will become like her.


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  2. Wow Marie! You are an incredible writer! And to think English isn't even your native language! Love ya!

    - Melanie