Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tastebud heaven in Orem

Pizzeria 712
There is a reasonably new pearl or rather a gastronomic feast of a restaurant in a very insignificant little part of the world called Orem, Utah. But I can promise you that Pizzeria 712 has the power to put it on the map, and it has.
It´s all in the ingredients. they are fresh, locally grown and handpicked. 
The kitchen is out in the open displaying master hands at work to satisfy every taste-bud, educated or not.
The aroma of their cooking fills the small restaurant like a fine perfume and makes it impossible not to smile, and that my friends is even before the food is at hands reach.
May I just say that Orem became my favorite town just because of Pizzeria 712. If you have not yet paid it a visit do yourself a favor and just hop in the car and go. 
It is simply one of those experiences that makes you happy. Makes you smile on a rainy day and cause your mind to travel off to small villages in Italy with narrow streets and old men sitting in front of the local church offering you a "Ciao bella!" as you pass by.... who would have thought that you could have all that in Orem, Utah?

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