Saturday, April 12, 2008

One book to buy in April

There are certain days you have a million things to do, but your mind just wont focus just then. That is when I take off on a random search for that days exclamation mark!
Up and down the aisle of Barnes and Noble I  wander aimlessly, searching for that book or magazine to grab my attention, and neatly tucked inn between overly commercial Martha Stewart and some glossy Hollywood celebrity cookbook, I find what I didn´t know I was looking for.
It´s like coming home on a gray day to find the fireplace crackling, and hot chocolate heating on the stove.
With cheesy elevator music playing in the background I grab hold of my little treasure and search for a little nuke somewhere to glance through it´s pages of taste-bud bliss.
It´s funny how you have to travel to the driest of American deserts, the state of Utah, to find the perfect cookbook that, although rooted in Indian cooking, fuses the 4 corners of the world into a perfect match from Mexican corn bread to Spanish Chorizo sausage.

But apart from recipes that are both simple and extraordinary adventurous, it´s like a peak into this beautiful authors journal. 
It´s amazing how much better the food tastes when there are history and exotic images attached to it.

So on this mere Saturday where all my immediate chores and tasks where put off to find the exclamation mark, I am happy to say even though happiness cannot be bought for money, luckily this book could.

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