Monday, April 28, 2008

Majestic Mountain

Leave it to Leo Tolstoy and Robert Redford for guidance when in doubt.
There are very few places in the world that offer a sense of peace. 
Robert Redford´s Sundance in the state of Utah in the US offers just that.
He bought the peaceful land in this hidden valley in the late 60´s and today it is a beautiful retreat for heart and mind just 45 min from busy Salt Lake city.
Secluded ponds and log homes, crystal clear streams, art shacks, gourmet restaurants, spa and monthly author series that will boost your intellect, is all hidden behind the majestic Timpenogues Mountain.

The mountain towers over 4000m and overlooks a pretty dry desert landscape on the other side of the mountain. 

But on Robert Redfords side of the mountain you easily forget about the world, bills that are due and broken hearts. 
It used to be a prayer ground for the Indians, today however the sound of uhmmmmm.... can be heard from a grey yurt just beside a birch tree. Not from the Indians, but from the early morning yoga class that sets the tone for just how fast your heart will beat while here in Sundance.
I visited this place the first time with my older and wiser brother André
I fell in love instantly.
This place offers a peace one only reads about in the bible when talking about paradise on earth.
 That place we all dream of retreating too when the waves of life crushes you ever so slightly, but who knew that the bible referred to a place in the USA with a deli to die for, gastronomic restaurants like the ones in France, chic ski resort and free screenings of independent films.
So when in doubt seek out this place and let this piece of paradise mend your broken heart... 

Leo Tolstoy under a tree in Sundance.

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