Sunday, December 21, 2008

Restaurants in Milan

Here is a petite page from my little black book in regards to a handful great spots for taking a bite in Milan.

Zero Due
Via Cucchiari Domenico, 20
20155 Milano (MI), Italy
+39 02 34592676

I dont have a picture from this one, but think Italian gourmet in a setting of old basilica type interior with a hyper modern transparent glass floor.

Fabbrica Pizzeria 
con cucina
Viale Pasubio 2
Milano, Italy

+ 39 02 6552771
 Here is their link:


For a slice of Milan all to yourself, go to Vittorio Emanuele. 
Try Auto Grill despite its unappetizing name, on the third floor. 
Order Risotto Milanese and sit by the window with your own personal view of The Duomo.
 I do this every time I am in Milan. 
It is a must.

The absolute hottest bakery in Milan right now, without skimping on flavor. I always swing by this modern haven of traditional goods.

Here is the link with addresses and directions:

If you happen to be there for your early morning Cappuccino, the bakers are doing their thing right in front of you with
only a separation of a stylish glass wall.


  1. Milan is one of my favorite cities actually - I've written a couple of books on the city and spent a lot of time there - and I never get bored with it. One thing it has going for it is it's food and it's amazing array of restaurants. Fabbrica is a great pizza place actually - very popular with locals - the pizza guys there treat their job like an art.

  2. I feel the same way. Milan has a pulse that keeps it from becoming boring. And I love when the locals leave the city for their weekend or Holiday trips, making it if feel like the city is all yours to rediscover.
    I would love to look at the books you have written about Milan. Could you point me in the right direction?