Saturday, January 17, 2009


There is this little tea salon in Paris that I am dying to swing by this Saturday afternoon. As a friend of mine and I agreed a while ago, everyone needs a little naughty weekend in Paris from time to time. When on this naughty weekend in Paris, remember to swing by this family owned tea salon founded in 1862 called Ladurée for some macaroons in all the colors of the rainbow.
Not only is this pastry shop legendary, and oh-so-good, but the artwork on the walls and on the ceiling is done by the turn of the century painter Jules Cheret making it an art salon ready to seduce the senses.

So when you happen to be in Paris on a perfectly naughty weekend.... do dress up in the chic Parisian way, and let yourself be seduced.

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  1. Laduree is just lovely isn't it?! Although it's very touristy - always long lines of Americans out front.

    I like your blog design by the way! Good taste ;)