Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland

When I was a little girl, we used to go cross country skiing by our cabin up in the mountains during the winter months. For sentimental reasons, I am posting some images from our cabin in Trysil in Norway, and how we looked back in the days when pastels were the color to sport regardless of the season.
My dad on top of a mountain, taking in the vista.
Our family, minus my beloved sister at Langkjølen, post snacking of orange, hot chocolate, and some old candy from a pocket in moms skiing jacket.

Mom and I poking our heads out of the main door of the old cabin one early morning.

Now, if you happen to be in Norway and you want to experience the wonderful snow. You have many skiing resorts that are worth checking out. 
Here my two suggestions:
For skiing and afterparty try Hemsedal
However, I prefer Trysil resort, for its grandeur, beautiful landscape and because of its close vicinity to small towns where you still can experience the traditional Norwegian atmosphere.
Next time you are heading to Switzerland to go skiing, try Norway instead, and fall in love.....  I know you will..

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