Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walking through the streets of Milano.

Oh, to be an Italian garbage bin.

No one does litter like the Italians. 
I saw this bursting garbage bin on a random sidewalk, on one of my early AM walks through Milano this Christmas. I had to smile. Because let´s face it, if you are a garbage bin carrying all kinds of disgusting trash in your embrace all your life, then I think being filled with empty San Pellegrino bottles, that might or might not have a red lipstic smudge on it from a passing Sophia Loren, would bring you garbage heaven dont you think?
Just a thought...

These pictures are just random shots from Milano on one bleak winter morning. 
A beautiful haze of gray dimmed the city lights, and made my meander quite otherworldly.
Nothing, grand, nothing big, just a morning stroll amongst genuine, and not so genuine expressions of art.

Il Duomo. 
Majestic, and engulfed in mystery. 
No matter how many times I visit her, she never seizes to impress me. 
She possesses an allure of mystique and beauty that always gives me the chills.

On these mornings, I always pay the many basilicas and churches a visit. 
They are many. They are beautiful.  And they are filled with incense, frescos', mosaics, paintings, ornaments, sculptures, and locals. 
They are all worth a visit to indulge in art, contemplation, and pure amusing observation of the local milanese.

Beautiful details from a wall outside a basilica.

It´s hard to capture the bleak winter light of Milano that was perfect for my little morning stroll. Nevertheless, those strolls are what I love the most about traveling. No tour-guide, no maps, no stress, no agenda, just the city and you. 
And the best part..... at the end of the stroll there is always a bar to indulge in a cappuccino or two.
Buon Viaggo!

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