Sunday, March 29, 2009


There is a place in the south east of Utah state in the US that is quite incredible. It is a national park full of amazing natural arches, balancing pillars of rocks and a horizon line to die for. 
It seems to be heaven for rock climbers, bikers and other outdoor lovers. 
For me it was other worldly magical. 
The red rocks against the blue sky. 
The thousands of stars that covered the black sky at night, the warm powder-like sand, and the fact that thousands and thousands of miles from home you can get Swedish pancakes with Lingonberry in the middle of no-where.
I believe the Scandinavians has influenced the world in the same way McDonald's has. In the most surprising God forgotten places on the planet, scandinavian food, Viking helmets or pictures of beautiful swedish girls pop up in the same way the golden arches does.
 Luckily there was no sign of a McDonald´s in Moab, only the swedish pancakes.  So while taking in the beauty of this place, and planning  your next hike, bike-ride or climb, fill up the food tank on this little cafe on main street.

Jailhouse Cafe
101 North Main Street
Moab, Utah 84532

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