Monday, March 9, 2009


Many of us have a place where our creative juices can flow. My mother for instance has a little bench with a bar chair in the laundry room where she creates poems, costumes and has a fantastic mood board. But then again her laundry room has tile stone floor, windows from floor to ceiling with the view of the garden and the sunrise. It is the most light filled room in the house. I on the other tend to make my work stations look quite the same no matter where in the world I am. It is here I write my stories, work on my next collection and daydream. I wanted to label the place I work and spend most of my days, so I stole the label "Workstation" from a great friend I used to spend much time with. So here it is, the place where I "live".



  1. I like your living quarters. It's cool.

  2. Ahhh I miss your bright red walls! And you, of course, but the walls at the good old Truman were so fantastic...